The Administration Department includes the Office of the Mayor, Chief Administrative Officer, Human Resources and Council administration.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

This is the most senior staff position in the municipal corporation and involves the co-ordination of all administrative and operation of departments. All other municipal Department Heads report directly to the Chief Administrative Officer and subsequently, through to City Council.

As City Council's senior staff member, the Chief Administrative Officer is responsible for ensuring that policies of the Corporation are carried out in an effective and efficient manner.

Legal / Property Matters

The Chief Administrative Officer co-ordinates property disposal, acquisitions and corporate legal matters through the City Solicitor.

Office of the Mayor

The daily functioning of the Mayor's office is co-ordinated through the Administration Department.

Should an individual wish to meet with the Mayor an appointment can be made directly with the Mayor or through the Mayor's Assistant.

Requests for the Mayor to attend an event or function should be submitted in writing with full details of the event/function including date, time, location and in what capacity the Mayor is to attend. ie.guest, speaker, presenter, etc. 

Human Resources

The Administration Department is responsible for all Human Resource functions including recruitment, maintaining and co-ordinating Employment Equity as well as co-ordination of  Performance Evaluations for all municipal employees.

The Chief Administrative Officer is the chief negotiator on behalf of the Corporation for all contract negotiations with five main groups of employees: C.U.P.E. (Unionized), Non-Unionized, Fire Fighters (Unionized), Volunteer Fire Fighter (Unionized) and part-time employees.

The Administration Department provides labour relations services to all departments on dispute resolution (grievances) and labour-management meetings.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention

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