AMPS - Administrative Monetary Penalty System Program Information

Background Information

Under Ontario Regulation 333-07 of the Municipal Act, 2001, municipalities now have the authority to impose Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMP) for contraventions of parking and licensing by-laws.

In Thorold, as most of Ontario municipalities, parking ticket violations have been:

  • enforced by issuing tickets through a program regulated by the Provincial Offences Act (POA)
  • disputes regarding parking tickets are heard in the Provincial Offences Court,  The setting of all parking fines by the municipality under POA requires the approval of Ontario Attorney General and Chief Justice.

An AMP program is a process internal to the municipality that addresses parking ticket violations under the Provincial Offices Act (POA).

New Program

As of September 1, 2014, the AMP program will be in place.  The change from POA to AMP will have no significant impact on people who receive parking tickets and pay their fines prior to the due date.  The only difference people will see at this stage is the wording on the ticket, as it will reference AMP, and not POA.

The AMP program for parking provides a number of advantages:

  • hearings will be held at City Hall in a less formal setting, rather than the designated Provincial Court in Welland
  • hearing meetings for parking tickets can be better managed at the municipal level, allowing Provincial Court time to be used for more serious offences
  • there is increased opportunity for early dispute resolution, as all disputes must proceed though a screening program (similar to first attendance) before proceeding to a hearing
  • Thorold City Council can set all parking fines below $100.00* with no need to seek approval from the Province
  • The City of Thorold can now recover all administrative and program costs related to the collection of unpaid fines.  The program costs previously went to the Province.

*Note that accessible parking offences will still follow the POA program.

Similar to the POA, the City through its AMPS Program will be able to send a request for plate denial to the Ministry of Transportation, for non payment of set fines and any additional fees.

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New By-laws

By-law 71-2014

By-law 79-2014

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