Arena Schedule

Photo of Thorold Community Arena sign
Click on the photo for directions to the Thorold Community Arenas

The Thorold Community Arena hosts regularly scheduled municipal recreational programming as well as team and club practices or games.  Please click on the Arena Schedule to view program times or the Free Skate and Special Events Schedule.

You can learn more about activities and programming available through the City on the Arena Programs page.

General Arena Rules

  • All on-ice participants must wear skates
  • Food and drinks are not permitted on the ice surface
  • Skate at a sensible speed and in the direction indicated by the on-ice skate patrol
  • No throwing ice or snow
  • No horseplay, games of tag or racing, backwards skating or figure skating manoeuvres

The City of Thorold strongly recommends that all participants wear a CSA approved hockey helmet when participating in ice sports and activities.

City of Thorold Parks and Recreation
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