Assessment Inquiries


Your tax bill is compiled from information from the Assessment Roll. Questions about assessment values should be directed to the attention of:

MPAC - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation
One St. Paul St
P.O. Box 1270,
St. Catharines, ON  L2R 7A7


Note:  If you wish to appeal your assessment:

  1. Ask MPAC to review your assessment through a Request for Reconsideration.  The deadline to file this is March 31st of the tax year.  Forms are available on MPAC's web site, or can be requested by calling MPAC.  Forms can also be picked up at City Hall.
  2. If your property is classified as residential, farm or managed forest, you must complete the Request for Reconsideration process before you are eligible to move to the next step. 
  3. File an appeal with the Assessment Review Board.  You have 90 days after MPAC has notified you of its decision on your Request for Reconsideration to file an appeal with the ARB.  For more information, please contact the ARB at 1 800 263-3237, or visit their web site at
  4. For other property types, you can choose to file an Request for Reconsideration or to file an appeal with the ARB.  If you choose to appeal directly to the ARB, the deadline to file your appeal is March 31st of the tax year.