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The Building Division is responsible for several specific functions. 

Building Permits

Plans Examinations are the first step in the Building Permit process.  When a Building Permit application is submitted, a Plans Examination is conducted on the submitted information to determine whether compliance with the Ontario Building Code and other applicable regulations has been achieved.

Building Permit Issuance will occur after successful completion of the Plans Examination process.  Building Staff will contact the applicant listed on the application when the Building Permit is available for pick up.  Note that No Construction can begin until a Building Permit has been issued and picked up by the applicant. 

Inspections are conducted by the Building Division at various stages throughout the construction of the approved project.  It is the applicant's responsibility to book these inspections in compliance with the City of Thorold Building By-Law.  A copy of a written inspection report is issued at the conclusion of each inspection and will be left with the appropriate person on site or in a conspicuous location on site.

Other Duties

The Building Division is also responsible for:

  • Pool permits

  • Sign Permits

  • Building Inquiries