Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre

The Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre is located in the historic and picturesque hamlet of Port Robinson at 40 Cross Street. This charming former school house serves as the local community centre.

Photo of Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre
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The hall is an ideal venue for small events such as banquets, receptions, club and business meetings, program activities and other social occasions.  The hall can accommodate a maximum of 107 people

Amenities include:

Rental Costs:

  • $75.00 rental plus $27.00 insurance
  • $100.00 rental plus $54.00 insurance1 (when alcoholic beverages are served)

Please note that a $100.00 deposit is required to reserve the hall 30 days in advance of the event, including a signed, rental contract.  For more rental information, please call 905-384-9513.

The Darlene Ryan Port Robinson Community Centre Board of Management holds monthly meetings at the community centre.  These meetings are open to the public; guests wishing to attend a meeting are encouraged to contact the community centre's Board of Management for dates and times by emailing: PRCCBoardManagement@gmail.com

1As indicated in the Port Robinson Community Centre Rental Contract, the rental applicant is responsible for obtaining a Special Occasion Permit for the sale and serve of alcoholic beverages at special occasions, issued through the LCBO.