Drinking Water Permits & Licences

With the proclamation of section 33 of the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 (SDWA), the Ministry of Environment began the transition from the Certificate of Approval (C of A) Program for municipal drinking water systems to the new Municipal Drinking Water Licensing Program.  The transition started in January 2009.

All municipal drinking water systems were required to have a Drinking Water Works Permit (DWWP) and Municipal Drinking Water LicenceLicence offers some flexibility in terms of adding, modifying, extending or replacing parts of the drinking water system without obtaining further authorization or approvals from the ministry.

The City of Thorold owns and operates two (2) Large Drinking Water Distribution Systems as defined in O. Reg. 170/03.  The operation of these two (2) systems is delegated by the Thorold City Council (representing the Owner) to City staff. These two (2) systems are:

  1. The Thorold (Decew) Distribution System (No.220004313); and
  2. The Thorold (Port Robinson Area) Distribution System (No.260049582)

The DWWP and Licence for the two (2) Thorold systems were issued on October 13th 2010 and have been made available below.

Decew Distribution System Licence

Decew Distribution System Permit

Port Robinson Distribution System Licence

Port Robinson Distribution System Permit