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Welcome to the City of Thorold Planning and Development Services Department. This Department is responsible for managing all existing and future development within the City of Thorold.  It is broken down into three key areas; the Planning Division, the Building Division, and the By-Law Enforcement Division.  The three of these Divisions work together as one Department to implement such Provincial Regulations such as the Planning Act and the Ontario Building Code, in addition to a variety of Municipal By-Laws.

Planning Division
The Planning Division regulates development on a large scope, dealing with broad regulations such the City's Official Plan and Comprehensive Zoning By-Law.  More specific development such as Subdivision Development and specific Site Planning as it relates to larger individual projects are also a part of their scope.

Building Division
The Building Division is responsible primarily for the regulation and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code.  Through the building permit and inspection process, the Building Division ensures that all building projects meet the minimum standards as set out in the Ontario Building Code, as well as, any by-law of the City of Thorold, the Region of Niagara and other Regulating bodies.

By-Law Enforcement Division
The By-Law Enforcement Division is responsible for the enforcement of the By-Laws of the City of Thorold.  The staff in this Division deal with by-laws such as Property Standards, Parking and Noise to name a few.  These uniformed officers are responsible for upholding the by-laws which are put in place to serve and protect the residents of  the City of Thorold.

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